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Alt 20.12.2011, 14:12
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Standard 1.02.21-WDLXTV-Live- - 2011-09-21
* enable usb 5V bus power off + deep sleep mode (b-rad)
* allow 'hot plug' of MSHEETDIR (b-rad)
* lots of extra logging, bug report fattened (b-rad)
* Issues:
** WDLXTV-PLUS DOES NOT SUPPORT 3TB HDD'S!!!! Tell WD you want this fixed (with netflix too)!!!
**** The GPL wdtvlive2.fff is 6mo old and lacks support for 3TB hdd's + it deletes netflix keys!
**** Email WD and tell them you want Netflix + WDLXTV + 3TB hdd support
** 1.05.04 dmaosd requests up to 65 search/related/etc results from
**** YouTube at a time. If you have youtubeHD enabled, you might
**** notice sluggishness with rapid fire YouTubage
** if you enable EIRI buttons down, right, & up buttons don't work on stock remote
* For base firmware differences see:
*** http://wiki.wdlxtv.com/Difference_between_BaseFW - 2011-09-15
* assembly code patch to fix ISO's stopping working after playing a few (b-rad)
* inotifywait-3.14 included to clean up the mess left over by the OSD when ISO's are stopped (b-rad)
* stuck at 0% upgrade fix (b-rad)
* localizations updated new: swedish, serbian, greek, catalan, netherlands, slovenian, danish, dutch, & slovakian
* aufs included (b-rad)
* linksheets converted to aufs to save memory (b-rad)
* MSHEETDIR disables automagic linksheets scan (b-rad)
* fix fuse module (b-rad)
* ntfs-3g removed from automagic filesystem detection (b-rad)
* bi2 fixes (b-rad)
* fix upnp-cmd to support wireless interfaces (b-rad)
* fix webend pw change not working on 1.05.04 (b-rad)
* apache & mt-daapd init.d tweaks (b-rad)
* added sparse mount option to ntfs (b-rad)
* xml fix 1.05.04 video playback options menu data disappearing (2d)
* various xml fixes (jumbalaya) - 2011-07-12
* 1.05.04 based WDLXTV-Live & WDLXTV-Plus available
* 1.05.04 versions rebuilt from scratch (b-rad)
* script consolidation & memory footprint reduction (b-rad)
* new blocki compatibility (b-rad)
*** saves 17MB memory on WDLXTV-Plus!
* Webend application manager (RMerlin)
* swap file support (b-rad)
* app & plugin manager download scripts (recliq)
* svn removed for space (download devtools.app.bin) (b-rad)
* lots of WEC tweaks, additional settings, and bug fixes (RMerlin)
* Most UMSP plugins to online for easy updating
* MediaMark fixes (recliq) (1.02.21 only)
* linksheets, cifs-interceptor, wdlxtv-db fixes (b-rad/recliq)
* ntfs-3g updated to 2011.04.12 (RMerlin)
* NTP fix (b-rad)
* loopback management to 32 devices (b-rad)
* mt-daapd fixes (b-rad & RMerlin)
* update nano to v2.2.6 (RMerlin)
* rutorrent updated to 3.2 (b-rad)
* rtorrent config fairly 'vanilla' (b-rad)
* rutorrent plugins handle post processing now (move/complete/ratio/watch) (b-rad)
* nzbget fixes (b-rad)
* more script verbage (b-rad)
* visual web daemon start & stop (b-rad)
* mount helpers enabled (b-rad)
* autoclose permanently disabled (b-rad)
* various xml fixes (b-rad)
* NETBOOT nfs booting (b-rad)
* NETAPP cifs/nfs app.bin/osd.bin support (b-rad)
* fuse & squashfs modules added (b-rad)
* cd-manager optimizations (b-rad)
* better retail dvd support (b-rad)
* add ability to disable more stock system services (b-rad)
* YouTubeHD playlist fix (RMerlin)
* Issue:
*** 1.05.04 dmaosd requests up to 65 search/related/etc results from
*** YouTube at a time. If you have youtubeHD enabled, you might
*** notice sluggishness with rapid fire YouTubage

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