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Alt 06.02.2012, 11:39
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Standard Dune HD Firmware Update (120202_1544_beta)

Es gibt wieder eine neue FW-Version 120202_1544_beta:

* Added "Soft Reset" function:
- Now the "Reset Settings" function proposes two choices: full reset to
factory defaults (the same as took place in previous firmware
versions), and so called "soft reset".
- The soft reset clears the settings only partially and is more
convenient in cases when the user does not need full factory reset.
- The following things are cleared by the soft reset:
- All settings from Setup menu.
- All plugins settings.
- All cached data and data stored by the player for its own needs.
- All bookmarks (remembered playback positions).
- The following things (which may be hard to reconfigure from the
scratch) are kept by the soft reset:
- All configured network folders.
- All favorites configured in the main menu.
- All installed plugins.

* Improvements for the users of big remote controls:

- Added the setting allowing to choose the behavior POP UP MENU RC
button: toggle playlist/TV menu (as took place in previous firmware
versions), or toggle the new functions menu (introduced in the latest
firmware version) (this is the default behavior). The old behavior
(toggle playlist/TV menu) can be convenient for the users used to it.
Enabling the old behavior makes the functions menu unavailable (and
thus it may be reasonable only for users of big remote controls, which
have dedicated buttons allowing to trigger various playback functions
w/o the need to use the functions menu). The setting: 'Playback /
Preferences / POP UP MENU button'.

- On the models which are shipped by default with big remote control,
LEFT/RIGHT RC buttons during playback now trigger the time seek
function (as took place in previous firmware versions), rather then
the volume function (as was introduced in the latest firmware verion).

* Tvigle.ru application improvements:
- Added setting allowing to manually control if the application is shown
or not on the main screen: 'Setup / Applications / Tvigle / Shown on
the main screen'.

* Kartina.TV application removed from the set of preinstalled applications
by demand of the Kartina.TV company.

* Improved handling of deinterlacing settings:

- Deinterlacing mode choice is now remembered (for file/IPTV playback).
The remembering can be disabled via a new setting: 'Save deinterlacing
mode settings'.

- A warning is shown in some cases when BOB deinterlacing mode can give
better results but is not selected.

- BOB deinterlacing mode is forced automatically for DVD playback when
it is needed (in interlaced video modes).

* Improved ZOOM settings (for file/DVD/IPTV playback):

- Two new full screen ZOOM modes added:
- Full screen with preserved proportions (if video aspect ratio is
not the same as TV aspect ratio, some parts of the picture is
- Full screen without preserved proportions (if video aspect ratio is
not the same as TV aspect ration, the picture is stretched to fill
the screen).

- The rest of ZOOM modes are rearranged, better names given to some

* Plugins improvements:

- Plugins installed into flash memory storage are kept on firmware
upgrade by default now. All other content of flash memory storage is
also preserved. The old behavior (disabling flash memory storage and
reinstalling optional firmware components) can be forced via a new

- Bugfix: after plugin is deinstalled, some plugin data could be kept.

- Bugfix: Scrolling movie description of movie page using PREV/MEXT RC
buttons did not work for plugins.

* Improved initial video mode configuration for all models:
- The following features are now available on all models (previously
they were implemented for Dune HD TV-101 model only):
- Showing picture on both HDMI and Composite video outputs on first
- Initial video mode setup wizard.

* Minor Dune HD TV-101 specific changes:
- Added support for minor hardware changes planned in future player
- Ethernet driver updated to a newer version.

* Other improvements and fixes:

- Added support for "rtp://@" syntax for media URLs pointing to multicast
streams. (The new syntax is handled the same way as "udp://@" syntax,
including autodetection of RTP and raw-UDP.) The new syntax can be used
in playlist files, applications, etc.

- Bufgix: navigation through dune_folder.txt-based applications was very
slow in some cases (caused by slow loading of AAI image files). (The
problem was introduced in the previous firmware version.)

- Bugfix: Playback of MMS streams were broken. (The problem was
introduced in the previous firmware version.)

- Bugfix: WiFi scan worked wrongly in some cases.

- Bugfix: FlashLite API support for persistent data storage did not work
properly on Dune HD TV-101 and Dune HD Lite 53D.

- Minor other improvements and fixes.
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Alt 08.02.2012, 23:13
Benutzerbild von Rudolf
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اللورد وماجستير الرفيعة تعريف الكون
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Standard AW: Dune HD Firmware Update (120202_1544_beta)

Jetzt gehts endlich wieder vorwärts .)

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